Pure and Purple Garlic have developed a range of flavour mixes that can be used as a rub on meat, or with olive oil as a dressing. With added Tasmania native pepper berries, Inland salt, Lemon Myrtle and Lemon zest, this mix grinders make a perfect add on to your meal and brings out the aromatic flavour of the dish. 


The rich basalt soil of North West Tasmania is the perfect environment for growing the purple garlic. When harvested the garlic is a beautiful purple hue. The garlic is dried and cured ensuring flavoursome cloves with a sharp but sweet taste.


Ingredients: Ingredients: Tasmanian purple garlic, Tasmanian native pepper berries (including leaves), pure Australian inland salt, lemon myrtle and lemon zest.


Chemical and spray free, grown in rich organic soil.

Gluten Free.


Net Weight 50g


It’s delicious with seafood and chicken!

Pure and Purple Garlic - Salt and Herbs Grinder -Lemon Myrtle Mix

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Pouch or Grinder
  • Silver Medal


    Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards 2018


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