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Made with only 8 ingredients, Green Olive Body's signature Olive Balm is designed to moisturise and rejuvenate dry, dull and cracked skin. 


This multi-purpose balm is enriched with Green Olive's farm-grown cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, centella and calendula, all rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants that help heal scars, blemishes and any other skin imperfections. Being unscented, it's perfect for those with sensitive skin or conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.


The product is • All natural • Cruelty free • Olive based skin care

The products contain: • No palm oil • No parabens • No laureth sulphates • No artificial colours • No artificial perfumes • No silicones

• No mineral oils • No urea


Size: 15g travel sized tube and 80g tub

Green Olive at Red Hill - Olive Balm

SKU: GO673
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    • Hydrates and moisturises your skin without clogging pores
    • Helps kill off bacteria so great for people with acne
    • Extra virgin olive oil is the best for your skin because it has gone through the least processing
    • Rich in vitamins A and E (see benefits of vitamin E below)



    • Anti-allergic and anti-inflammatoryIt’s a humectant which means it retains moisture/water well. This keeps the skin hydrated for long periods • Also rich in vitamin A


    Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

    • Derived from vegetable oils
    • Vitamin E works to block ‘free radicals’ which age the skin
    • Vitamin E can help reduce appearance of stretch marks/scars/blemishes by promoting nutrients to skin cells
    • Has antioxidant properties, helping reverse the damage caused by carcinogenic UV rays


    Soybean Oil

    • Also rich in vitamin E
    • Moisturising
    • Encourages the production of collagen and promotes the repair of damaged elastin fibres. Collagen and elastin work together to keep the skin firm


    Centella Leaf Extract

    • A small plant which is considered extremely medicinal in Chinese medicine
    • Rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B1 and B2, niacin, and carotene, which combine to brighten skin and fight premature ageing.
    • Antioxidant and collagen promoter
    • Madecassic acid is one of the active compounds in Centella extract, and it’s known to play an important role in suppressing inflammation


    Calendula Flower Oil

    • Moisturising
    • Helps treat spider veins, varicose veins, leg ulcers and chilblains
    • Soothes skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
    • Anti-inflammatory properties speed up healing of cuts, bruises etc.
    • Contains antimicrobial and antiviral properties
    • Can help activates lymphocytes (fight foreign invaders)


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