A gentle refreshing cleanser for the hands and body. Our luxurious body wash is made with Olive Leaf Extract, Manuka Honey and Lemon Verbena to naturally cleanse and nurture your skin.


Sizes: 200ml and 500ml

Green Olive at Red Hill - Lemon Verbena Hand and Body Wash

SKU: GO420
  • Natural Body Wash

    Many traditional soaps and cleaning products have a tendency to dry out the skin when they’re used, so it’s important to find a product with nourishing and moisturising qualities that can bring freshness and vitality to your appearance. Green Olive at Red Hill proudly manufactures and supplies natural body wash products that are perfect for the hands, skin and all over, delivering the nourishment your skin needs and the cleanliness that you crave. The perfect alternative to natural liquid soap, our products can be used for everything from an all natural body wash to a special hand care wash and much more.


    All Natural Ingredients for the Best Possible Result

    Find the best natural body wash products to keep yourself looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated 24/7. Our hand and body cleansers are formulated with natural ingredients such as Olive Leaf Extract, Manuka Honey and Lemon Verbena to provide optimal nourishment and nurturing for your skin. They also come with no artificial colours or perfumes. You’ll be left feeling suitably moisturised when you use a natural body wash from Green Olive at Red Hill.


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